Spriggs off to Canada and Europe

Tomorrow (Tuesday 21st March), I am heading to Vancouver, Canada, and will be joining Stuart Bedford (CAP) and James Flexner (Sydney, ex-CASS) looking at the archives of the the pioneer Pacific archaeologist, Richard Shutler (image above), held at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby.

I am staying on for the Society for American Archaeology Annual Conference  and am presenting a paper in “The Island Anthropocene” session organised by Magdalena Schmid (a recent ANU visitor) and Kristina Douglass, with the title: “Different but Similar? Colonisation processes on islands and continents” (click here for program). I am also a discussant in the session “Identity and Change: Archaeological Interaction across Archipelagos, Inland Seas, and Oceans”, organised by Simon Stoddart and Caroline Malone.

I then fly on to Europe, starting off teaching into the Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology “Dialogues with the Past – Political Economy: comparative approaches from Prehistory”, to be held at the Norwegian Institute at Athens, Greece, April 7-11. As well as marking 14 substantial essays and presentations by the students I will be delivering a paper “A Political Economy of Colonization: early globalization in the Pacific (and elsewhere)”. I will take the opportunity to check out the museums of Athens and elsewhere, and there is a field trip as part of the summer school to Mycenae and Tiryns. Other teachers include: Tim Earle (Northwestern), Martin Furholt (Kiel), David Wengrow (UCL), and Colin Grier (WSU).

I will then have just over a week of archival research in Kernow/Cornwall, UK and attending two conferences: 1. “‘The Very Ends of the Earth’: A seminar day introducing the history of Medieval Cornwall”, at the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, Kernow, 28th April; 2. “From Domesday to Today: How Devon has been Governed over the Centuries”, University of Exeter, Exeter, Devon, 29th April, and organised by the British Association of Local Historians and the Devon History Society.

I finally reach my main base of Clare Hall College, Cambridge, UK on May 4th and will be sojourning there until July 16th, as the second half of my Leverhulme Professorial Fellowship working at the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (CUMAA) on their very recently catalogued archives.


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