AAA 2016

Thanks to all who participated in our session ‘Histories of Archaeology in Archaeological Scholarship, Education and Practice: Education from the Past’ at this year’s Australian Archaeology Association (AAA) Conference in Terrigal, NSW. Ten great papers from Jo McDonald, Sue O’Connor and Jane Balme, Denis Gojak, Andrea Ballesteros Danel, Victor Melander, Elena Govor, Eve Haddow, Hilary Howes and Emilie Dotte-Sarout, Michelle Richards, and Matthew Spriggs. Topics ranged geographically from Western Australia to Tasmania, the Solomon Islands, New Britain, Fiji, Peru, and Greenland, and covered everything from rock art to shark men, the gendered division of labour, late-nineteenth-century Australian dystopian fiction, polar exploration, eoliths, tattoo and pottery patterns. Thanks too to our audience for stimulating discussion and critique!

I’d also like to congratulate Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council for hosting this year’s conference; Jacqueline Matthews, Catherine Frieman and Alice Gorman for convening two particularly thought-provoking sessions on archaeological theory; and *cough* myself and Matthew for receiving one of this year’s Small Boy awards for inadvertent gaffes. Time for a well-earned Christmas break, I think …


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